At Heritage Academy, Lower Elementary students (Grades 1-3) acquire a range of important skills that lay the groundwork for their educational journey.

  1. Numeracy and Literacy Building:
    • Students build upon their kindergarten foundation by engaging with ACE Mathematics and Word Building.
  2. Word Building PACEs play a crucial role in developing solid reading skills, which are essential for ACE students.
    • These PACEs include exercises for tracing, writing alphabets, coloring, and identifying animals and objects.
    • The variety of exercises aids in review and retention.
    • Lessons are made engaging through interactive animal science content, singing, and acting.
  3. Phonetic Reading Mastery:
    • Throughout these grades, supervisors carefully nurture phonetic reading skills.
    • Students gain independence in learning through exploratory reading and writing in English, Science, and Social Studies PACEs.
    • Early exposure to literature, scientific inquiry, and social sciences occurs within a wholesome classroom environment from a Christian perspective.
  4. Experiential Learning:
    • Grade 1,2 and 3 students at Heritage Academy participate in hands-on activities and mini field trips.
    • These experiences extend learning beyond the classroom, especially in subjects like Science and Social Studies.
    • Experiential learning engages students, allowing them to explore facts and concepts related to the world around them.

Overall, Heritage Academy provides a holistic educational experience that combines foundational skills, reading mastery, and meaningful exploration.

Lower Elementary: Grade 1 (All as below, less Literature) Grade 2, Grade 3 as below.

Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
Word BuildingWord BuildingWord Building
Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies