Mrs. Mary Anne So, Parent of Royce So

Every parent’s dream was to see their child become successful in life. To be able to achieve all their dreams, to be who and what they wanted to be in future. For them to accomplish all their goals and reach their full potential. Long story short is for them to have a bright future. And achieving this it’s not as easy as counting 1,2,3 and by a click of a finger everything will magically happen. We need to mould them, teach them, guide them, support them and lastly love them. But that will not be enough…we need a good learning ground for them to master the art of learning, a place for them to develop their skills and be monitored on their educational growth. 

When all of the above are in mind, a parent’s decision on where is the best place for them to have all those becomes critical and crucial. It’s a decision that will define their future. A decision that can be regretted when we don’t guarantee that we choose only the best for them.
But let me share with you something, a couple of years ago me and my husband went through that critical and crucial decision making. We checked through all the potentials as we wanted to be certain that this is what is best for our child. As our child’s primary educational journey started with a lot of uncertainties during the pandemic time. Everything was uncertain and nobody knows what lies ahead of us. We were unsure of almost everything, what, where, when, who…yes all of those and we know you were also having the same thoughts during that time! 

But we trusted God and let him guide us…we choose Heritage Academy. 

We were scared in the beginning as we may have decided a path that may not be a great as what we thought it will be…but we were wrong! Heritage Academy provides a holistic educational system that helps their students master their skills and develop their critical thinking. And they monitor their students based on their strengths and weaknesses and guide them throughout their journey. 

We have seen how our child grows mastering the art of learning in different aspects, he manages to develop his hidden talents and becomes more proactive in schoolwork and activities. He overcomes fear of failing as he understands that it will help him be the better version of himself.

Heritage Academy keeps their promise in “BRINGING SUCCESS TO EACH CHILD”! They believe in each and every students progress and abilities.
Their Academic Team treats every student fairly and equally, which makes it easier for every student to believe in their own self. The team’s hard work and dedication is outstanding!

Heritage Academy together with their whole team provides a remarkable educational training to each and every student and we are so grateful for it! No words can be used to express how thankful we are for all the efforts and unwavering commitment that each member of their team have.
Furthermore, we are filled with gratitude as you ensure that we parents are involved in every step of our child’s educational journey. Involving us made it easier for us to be connected and be part of our child’s growth.

Again, we really appreciate that you are making us feel secured and continuously showing us that indeed we made the right decision for our child’s BRIGHT FUTURE! 

Thank you and have a great day ahead.