Enrollment Process

Student’s Pass application usually takes 4- 6 weeks, depending ICA. Should the Student’s Pass application be rejected, an appeal would be submitted. If the appeal is not successful, the admission process shall be terminated.

Pre-Course Counselling

Students must certify through a Pre-Course Counselling Form that a School Staff or an Agent (if applicable) has performed counselling services required by the School, which may include:

  • Proper matching of students’ needs and the School’s courses
  • Providing professional guidance and advice regarding the suitability of the School’s courses to the prospective students
  • Future career prospects upon completion of the School’s courses (if applicable)

After attending the Pre-Course Counselling Session,

  • Complete and sign Pre-course Counselling and Survey Form
  • Complete and sign Student Application Form and submit a set of relevant photocopied documents
  • Payment for Registration Fee & Diagnostic Test Fee
  • Arrange for child to sit for diagnostic test – date and time to be advised

After Child’s diagnostic test, grade level will be advised by the school,

  • Student’s Pass application for International Students (if applicable)
  • Parents – to complete and sign Form 12 and PEI-Student Contract
  • Payment for Misc. Fee and for ordering of Paces and/or gap paces (if applicable)
  • Course Fee will be collected after signing of student contract.

Documents / Form to be submitted

  1. Student Application Form
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate
  3. Medical Record (if any)
  4. Latest School Report/Record
  5. Passport size photo x 2
  6. Original documents for verification

Enrollment Number
+65 8038 4377