Our Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education® or ACE®, also known as The School of Tomorrow®, is a Bible-based curriculum administered by Heritage Academy in compliance with prescribed ACE® procedures. 

  1. Mastery-Based Learning: ACE® emphasizes mastery of each concept before advancing, ensuring that students have a thorough understanding and strong foundation in each subject.
  2. Individualized Learning: The curriculum is tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, allowing them to progress at their own pace. This personalized approach helps address different learning styles and abilities.
  3. Integration of Christian Values: ACE® integrates Christian principles and values throughout the curriculum, fostering moral and spiritual growth alongside academic learning.
  4. Holistic Development: ACE® promotes the development of the whole person, including intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual aspects. This comprehensive approach prepares students to become well-rounded individuals.
  5. Flexible Learning Options: The inclusion of multimedia learning and resources makes the curriculum adaptable and engaging, catering to diverse learning environments and preferences.
  6. Continuous Assessment: Instead of relying solely on periodic exams, ACE uses continuous formative and summative assessments to monitor student progress, ensuring consistent and effective learning.
  7. Focus on Character Building: Beyond academics, ACE places a strong emphasis on character education, helping students develop qualities such as responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.
  8. Supportive Learning Environment: The curriculum provides structured support and resources to help students succeed, including tools like Readmaster®, Typemaster®, Math Builder®, and Word Builder®. 

By choosing Heritage Academy, parents are assured of a balanced, faith-based education that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in life.

Our Courses

Heritage Academy strongly believes that curriculum is not just a collection of academic subjects to be mastered, but the entire learning process that nurtures intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth, preparing individuals to contribute meaningfully to society. The curriculum equips students with various skills such as critical thinking, reading proficiency, character training.

Learning is Constant, but Time Varies!

Students learn through different styles and at different rates. A faster student can progress at an accelerated rate whilst a student who needs more time can go at a slower pace. Heritage Academy supports that while everyone learns at their own pace, the journey of learning is ongoing and lifelong.

Students are placed on the level of curriculum where he or she can best perform!

Each student who enrols takes the diagnostic tests (English and Math) to determine his respective level of proficiency. Results of the diagnostic test are carefully evaluated, and the student will be placed at his level of proficiency. The diagnostic test results also help to identify academic weaknesses (learning gaps) and prescribe a path to help students before progressing at their assigned grade level. A student can be enrolled in Heritage Academy at any time throughout the school year.

The curriculum includes Core Modules (subjects) and Electives for higher grades.

For Grade One, there are five core modules (subjects) while from Grade Two to Eight, there are six core modules.

From Grade 9 onward, credits are accumulated towards graduation. (See our Academic Pathway here) One credit is earned for the completion of each level of study (12 PACEs per subject). In addition to the core subjects, certain electives are required for graduation. The maximum of two non-academic credits can be included.

Students graduating from Grade 12 will be awarded an American High School Diploma, conferred by Heritage Academy (School of Tomorrow® only provides the curriculum and they do not confer the awards)

Mastery Learning

Accelerated Christan Education (A.C.E.) emphasizes mastery of each concept before advancing, ensuring that students have a strong foundation in both academics and Christian values, which are integrated across the curriculum. It focuses heavily on individualized learning and moral education, including multimedia learning which is highly relevant to the demands of 21st Century learning. Each individual progresses through their educational journey at a different speed, influenced by factors such as personal aptitude, motivation, and access to resources.


Placing a student at the appropriate curriculum level where they can best perform ensures they are challenged and supported appropriately in their educational journey. This approach recognizes the unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of each student by assessing their abilities and understanding their individual needs. Students are placed at a level where they can build upon their existing knowledge and skills without feeling overwhelmed or bored. At Heritage Academy, Students do not sit for periodic examinations. Instead, they are continually assessed through formative (Check-ups, Self-Tests) and summative (PACE Tests) assessments as they work through each module.

Course Duration

Course TitleFull-Time
American High School Diploma – School of Tomorrow Curriculum Grade
1 to Grade 12
12 Months
Preparatory Course for American High School Diploma – ABC Reading Readiness12 Months


Heritage Academy promotes utilization of current trends in education including relevant technologies. Multimedia and interactive lessons encourage active participation and exploration, enabling students to interact with the content directly, solve problems, conduct virtual experiments, and explore scenarios hands-on. This active engagement promotes a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Heritage Academy provides the following resources for this purpose:

Readmaster Plus is an educational software, Readmaster Plus, which enhances students’ educational experiences while challenging their learning. Readmaster Plus offers four distinct computer software programs:

 Readmaster® improves reading rate and comprehension skills for Levels 1-12.

• Typemaster® teaches computer keyboard skills for Levels 1-6.

• Math Builder® provides drill and practice in math concepts for Levels 1-6.

• Word Builder® improves spelling, word usage, and pronunciation for Levels 2-8.

• ePACE® combines A.C.E.’s time-tested curriculum and learning procedures with the latest technology for an enhanced online learning experience.

These factors allow Heritage Academy to deliver holistic education which seeks to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped with knowledge, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, and a sense of purpose, making them more globally competitive.

Scope and Sequence

Please click here to download our Modules Scope & Sequence