Heritage Academy is a quality international school in Singapore, offering an affordable and holistic education for Grade 1 to 12 foreign students. Edutrust certified and CPE registered, the school follows the ACE curriculum, known for fostering critical thinking, creativity, and moral values, with a focus on character development and academic excellence. Students can participate in diverse co-curricular activities and leadership opportunities, preparing them for future academic and career paths. With four conveniently located campuses, Heritage Academy provides a supportive learning environment and various academic pathways, leading to an American High School Diploma.

Quality: Heritage Academy is an international school of quality with the vision to see young lives transformed and characterized by excellence. The school offers education from Grade 1 to 12 for foreign students in Singapore, following the ACE School of Tomorrow® curriculum. The ACE curriculum is designed to develop students’ critical thinking, creativity, and moral values.

Edutrust Certified: Heritage Academy is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE), which is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). The school has also attained the Edutrust certification, which is a quality assurance scheme for private education institutions in Singapore. The Edutrust certification reflects the school’s commitment to providing high standards of academic quality, student protection, and welfare.

Affordable: Heritage Academy strives to make quality education accessible and affordable for all students. The school offers competitive and reasonable fees as compared to other EduTrust registered Schools. This is coupled with various payment options and schemes to help with parents’ financial considerations. 

Holistic Education: Heritage Academy aims to provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. The school emphasizes the development of students’ character and academic excellence based on a God-centered life. The school also offers a range of co-curricular activities, such as sports, music, art, drama, and community service, to enrich students’ learning experience and foster their talents and interests. For our high school students, Heritage Academy gives students opportunities to develop leadership skills through A.C.E. Student Conventions. Students learn dedication, preparation, time management, and how to compete, which are valuable avenues for developing a student holistically. 

Accessible locations: Heritage Academy has campuses strategically located near housing estates with easy access to public transportation, such as MRT stations and buses. This brings convenience and cost savings to parents.  The school has four campuses located at Khatib, Hougang, Thomson, and Bukit Gombak, each with well-equipped classrooms and a conducive learning environment. The school also works with transport providers to help students who require transportation to and from the campuses.

Academic pathways: Heritage Academy prepares students for their future academic and career aspirations by providing various pathways and options. The school offers the American High School Diploma as our main academic pathway. We also have partnerships with other private Universities and Colleges to expand academic options for our students beyond the High School level. We are a school with a big heart and are determined to help our students to achieve their academic aspirations

What is the SkillsFuture Singapore EduTrust Framework?

The EduTrust framework evaluates the following key aspects of a Private Education Institution (PEI):

  • Academic Processes: Ensuring the quality and effectiveness of educational programs.
  • Corporate Administration: Assessing the institution’s management and governance.
  • Quality Management: Monitoring processes to maintain high standards.
  • Student Protection and Welfare: Safeguarding students’ well-being.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encouraging ongoing enhancements.
  • Positive Performance Outcomes: Focusing on successful student outcomes.

This comprehensive framework sets requirements for both PEI applicants and certified PEIs, covering policies and operations across these criteria. Its goal is to recognize PEIs that consistently provide high-quality education services and strive for continual improvement toward positive student outcomes.

What does it mean to achieve ACE Quality Status?

The A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® program recognizes schools that achieve Quality Status recognition. This recognition is earned through academic, technical, and spiritual excellence. 

Schools must earn this designation annually, verified by an A.C.E. ministry representative. Most importantly, achieving status signifies the school is effective in motivating students and maintaining high academic standards while nurturing godly character.