Students can apply for entry from either of the two ways:

1. Take an ACE® Diagnostic Test to determine the appropriate level of performance and learning gaps, if any.

2. Transfer from another ACE school.

GradeMininum AgeEducation
27Completion of Grade 1 or equivalent
38Completion of Grade 2 or equivalent
49Completion of Grade 3 or equivalent
59Completion of Grade 4 or equivalent
610Completion of Grade 5 or equivalent
711Completion of Grade 6 or equivalent
812Completion of Grade 7 or equivalent
913Completion of Grade 8 or equivalent
1014Completion of Grade 9 or equivalent
1115Completion of Grade 10 or equivalent
1216Completion of Grade 11 or equivalent


Students with learning challenge

Parents who may have noticed some difficulties or delays with their child’s learning or development may wish to seek a formal assessment by qualified professionals to determine if your child has learning challenges. It is beneficial to inform and provide us with a formal medical report. If your child requires additional educational support, Heritage Academy reserves the right to assess and accept the student on a case by case basis.

Singapore Citizen

Under the Compulsory Education Act, we are only able to accept Singapore Citizen students who have completed their PSLE and have obtained a letter of release from MOE, or any students have obtained exemption from the Ministry of Education.

(Letter from MOE must be attached to the application form).