Let’s highlight the important skills that High School students will learn at Heritage Academy:

  1. Mastering Key Concepts:
    • High-school students focus on mastering key concepts and principles in written and spoken English, Mathematics, Sciences, and Social Studies.
    • Composition writing skills are strengthened in the upper levels.
    • A solid foundation in math and science courses is provided.
  2. Cultural Awareness and Comprehensive Content:
    • ACE’s comprehensive content integrates knowledge of cultures beyond the local realm.
    • This is achieved through world history and geography studies.
  3. Future Planning and Vocational Exploration:
    • Students are introduced to various vocations to help them discover their unique gifts and capabilities.
    • ACE assists students in planning ahead and preparing for future goals.
  4. Electives and Perspective-Broadening:
    • Electives such as Nutrition Science, Speech, and Business Math broaden students’ perspectives and mindsets.
    • The curriculum is individualized, allowing students to choose electives based on their interests and abilities.
  5. Character Development and Skills Building:
    • High-schoolers engage in school projects that enhance analytical, planning, and management skills.
    • Character-building is integral, strengthening independence, confidence, submission, leadership, and adaptability.
    • Strong spiritual, moral, and social values prepare students for life beyond ACE.
    • Upon completion, students receive an American High School Diploma, paving the way for higher education at the tertiary level.


Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Word BuildingWord BuildingWord Building
Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial StudiesSocial StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies
Bible StudiesBible StudiesBible StudiesBible Studies
Grade 7 to 8
Computer Science Speech Foreign Language Music
Grade 9 to 12
Nutrition Science Introduction to Missions Foreign Language
General Business Speech Successful Living
Computer Science Music Business Math