Student Engagement - School life of students

Heritage Academy emphasizes student engagement through active involvement, positive mindset, and a sense of community. The school recognizes that such engagement is vital for academic excellence and personal development. Our comprehensive program caters to diverse needs, encompassing academics, co-curricular activities, social interaction, and character development. This nurturing and inclusive atmosphere encourages students to develop a passion for learning, excel academically, and become well-rounded, globally-minded individuals.

Heritage Academy’s Holistic Development and Student Leadership

Overall Student Development Framework:

  • Focus on holistic development through Co-curricular Activities (CCA).
  • Aim to develop Self-directed Learners, Concerned Members, Confident Persons, and Active Contributors via Field trips and our Leadership Program.
  • Regional and International Student Conventions are a challenging, inspirational, and fun-filled destination where students develop gifts and talents in preparation for a fruitful life.

Diverse Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

Activity Categories:

  • Align with ACE Regional Convention: Academic, Arts, Sports, Music, and Platform (Performance).
  • Conducted on Fridays, primarily on campus or nearby facilities.
  • Group and individual challenges through CCAs.

Types of Activities:

  • Thematic Show and Tell, Athletics, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Creative Writing, STEM Programs (Coding, Microsoft Apps), Social Studies Projects.

Leadership Development:

    • Students appointed as group leaders for activities, discussions, and projects.
    • Progressive involvement through grades to prepare students for active societal contribution and future challenges.

Field Trips


At Heritage Academy, field trips are an integral part of our students’ learning experience. Twice a year, our students have the opportunity to step beyond the classroom and explore the world firsthand. Here’s what these field trips entail:

  1. Hands-On Learning:
    • Our Grade 1 and 2 students participate in experiential learning through hands-on activities and mini field trips.
    • These trips are carefully designed to engage students in learning facts and concepts related to Science and Social Studies.
    • Whether visiting a local museum, exploring a nature reserve, or touring historical sites, students gain practical knowledge beyond textbooks.
  2. Connecting with the World:
    • Field trips allow students to connect classroom learning to real-world contexts.
    • They observe, ask questions, and experience the subjects they study in a tangible way.
    • For example, a trip to a science center might reinforce concepts learned in class, while a visit to a historical site deepens their understanding of history.
  3. Holistic Development:
    • Beyond academic content, field trips foster social skills, teamwork, and independence.
    • Students learn to navigate new environments, follow instructions, and interact with peers and adults outside the school setting.
    • These experiences contribute to their overall growth and confidence.
  4. Subject-Specific Exploration:
    • Each field trip is carefully aligned with the curriculum.
    • In Science, students might explore ecosystems, observe wildlife, or conduct simple experiments.
    • Social Studies trips could include visits to cultural landmarks, historical monuments, or community centers.
  5. Memories and Impact:
    • Field trips create lasting memories for our students.
    • Whether it’s discovering a hidden gem in their city or experiencing a different culture, these outings leave a positive impact.

Our commitment to providing enriching educational experiences extends beyond the classroom, and field trips play a vital role in shaping well-rounded, curious learners.

Leadership Programme

Heritage Academy’s leadership program adopts the Servant Leadership Model as well as The Leadership Challenge model to train and guide our student leaders with the essential attributes and skills to be exemplary students who can serve by leading and lead in serving. The leadership program is an integral part of the Overall Student Development Framework which aims to develop our students to be Self-directed Learners, Concerned Members, Confident Persons and Active Contributors. 

Students are identified during the various CCAs, classroom engagements and teacher recommendations. They are then trained and deployed back to these programmes as student leaders to serve and lead other students.

  1. Character Development:
    • Our leadership program begins with character-building. We emphasize the HERITAGE values—Honest, Excellent, Responsible, Independent, Temperate, Attentive, Grateful and Enthusiastic.
    • Through daily interactions, chapels, and character trait lessons, students learn godly values that guide their actions and decisions.
  2. Academic and Non-Academic Integration:
    • Leadership isn’t limited to the classroom. We integrate leadership principles into both academic and non-academic activities.
    • Students participate in a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) that enhance their skills in areas such as academics, sports, arts, music, and life skills.
  3. Regional and International Exposure:
    • Our students engage in Regional and International Student Conventions. These platforms allow them to showcase their talents, compete, and emerge as future leaders.
    • Whether through public speaking, music performances, or academic competitions, students gain confidence and learn to lead by example.
  4. Community Service Projects:
    • Leadership involves serving others. Our students actively participate in community service projects such as visits to old folk homes or preparing gifts to honour our foreign labourers in Singapore. 
    • By addressing real issues in our community, students develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility.
  5. Parent Partnership:
    • We believe that parents play a crucial role in nurturing leadership qualities.
    • Parent orientation, workshops, and volunteering opportunities strengthen the partnership between school and parents, reinforcing our holistic approach.

Student leaders are also recognised with leadership awards and are encouraged to strive for the NYAA (National Youth Achievement Award) through their services.

Student Conventions

Heritage Academy is committed to the growth and wholesome development of its student body. Two significant events provide exciting opportunities for students:

  1. Regional Student Convention (RSC):
    • Students in Grades 5 and above receive training in various skills in preparation for the annual RSC.
    • Those ready and qualified can participate in RSC competitions.
  2. International Student Convention:
    • Award winners from the region can represent Heritage Academy in the International Student Convention.
    • Students from schools worldwide train year-round to compete in Music, Speech/Drama, Athletics, Arts, and Academics.
    • The convention challenges and inspires students within a safe, conducive, Christian environment.
    • Students also explore their worth and identity in the context of God’s plan for their lives.

These conventions serve as springboards for students to discover their potential and effectiveness in future ministry and competition.