PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education®)

A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® has a worldwide team of professional educators currently serving over 6,000 schools and thousands of homeschools in over 140 countries. This Global Support Team provides curriculum, program, and school services as well as in-service and leadership training for schools and home educators in their areas.

The in-house team of professionals at the International Corporate Offices in Hendersonville, Tennessee, provides materials and support services to help meet the educational needs of communities everywhere. The team is dedicated to providing Biblically based, individualized educational materials and services to promote character development and educational reform around the globe.

The A.C.E. program is designed around a new format: that of building skill upon skill. The scope and sequence ignores the concept of grade level and moves with continuous progress beginning with the first skill to be mastered. As the student moves upward, level after level, and moves into new concepts, he is far better prepared to learn because he has mastered the skill on the previous level. He does not advance until he has mastered each concept. He learns individually and completely before advancing. A.C.E. implements a unique and effective system.Students may move ahead rapidly or take as long as necessary with mastery.

Academic achievement is one of the greatest strengths of A.C.E. School of Tomorrow®. Graduates from the A.C.E. program are attending more than 1,400 colleges and universities globally with outstanding performance.

Please click here to download a partial list of Colleges and Universities that have accepted A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Graduates.