Welcome to Heritage Academy. We are a private, international school of quality with the vision to see young lives transformed and characterized by excellence!

Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord (Psalm 127:3).

At Heritage Academy, we recognise that each child is a unique individual, who can be trained to fulfill his full potential. In partnership with parents, we are dedicated to nurture the educational and spiritual growth of your children.

Training each child is a blessing, rewarding and fulfilling task!

Our curriculum and co-curricular activities aim to develop our students in diverse skills such as: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication and Social Skills.

Heritage Academy provides an environment for the child to learn at his own pace, to build a firm foundation through mastery, and to motivate him towards excellence and success. We are excited to work with you in your child’s educational journey!

Mr Lau Chai Joo

Heritage Academy