Programme in a Nutshell


Heritage Academy implements The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme, an esteemed Christian education curriculum crafted by the renowned School of Tomorrow in the USA. This holistic education offers a transformative approach that goes beyond academic achievement to cultivate well-rounded individuals. It nurtures individuals equipped to excel in every facet of life—academics, character development, athletics, and global social awareness.  

Central to ACE’s philosophy is the cultivation of lifelong skills crucial for success. Through personalized academic plans tailored to each student’s needs, learners are empowered to become self-directed, mastering subjects at their own pace while honing essential self-management abilities.  Students are consistently motivated to overcome challenges and actively engage in the learning process and strive for academic excellence from one grade to another. 

Furthermore, Heritage Academy places significant emphasis on character development, fostering character traits such as honesty, enthusiasm, responsibility, integrity, temperance, attentiveness, gratefulness, excellence.  Students are guided to become compassionate and principled individuals who positively contributes positively to society globally.

ACE is not merely a curriculum.  It offers a holistic educational experience enriched by experiential learning opportunities. From engaging in co-curricular activities,  participating in student conventions and service adventures.  Students are equipped with the practical skills and mindset needed to thrive in the 21st century and beyond. These activities serve as catalysts for personal growth, ensuring that Heritage Academy’s graduates emerge as well-rounded, future-ready leaders poised to make a difference in the world.