Andrea Bayos, Grade 12 student


Heritage Academy has helped me to discover my potential as a student and a person.

Before I entered Heritage Academy, I did not particularly stand out in my academics. I found it hard to focus in classes and study for tests. Moreover, I had a hard time making friends and communicating with people.

When I entered Heritage Academy, I was welcomed by the students and staff. It felt like a tightly-knit family. I felt motivated to go to school and actually get work done. With the A.C.E. curriculum, I was able to learn at my own speed and fully grasp the material that was given to me. I was even able to take back the year of studies that I lost when my family emigrated to Singapore. 

I believe that Heritage Academy not only focuses on academics, but also the spiritual well-being of each student. As a part of Heritage’s program, a weekly chapel session is held for the students to attend where a spiritually-relevant topic is presented by either a member of the staff or an invited guest. Students are invited to speak with their supervisor with any concerns they may have regarding salvation.

I was able to find my voice and my identity in Christ because of Heritage Academy. I would not be the person I am today if the Lord had not placed me in Heritage Academy.