Madam Lorraine Tan, mother of Mikaela Ong Kay Lin

My husband and I are very glad and grateful we enrolled our daughter Mikaela at Heritage Academy. The school offers a self -paced syllabus which allows Mikaela to pursue her interest in music. 

During her time at Heritage, Mikaela managed to accomplish much. She passed the Licentiate Trinity College of Music diploma in violin performance with distinction, participated in violin competitions locally and internationally, and performed at fund raising charities as well as with the Singapore National Youth Orchestra as first violinist. 

We like that the curriculum incorporates Biblical values which would stand her in good stead for her future.  

As Mikaela will be graduating from high school soon, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mrs Lau, Ms Malna, Ms Malen, Mr Yee and Mr Paul for their years of dedication and support. I believe that Heritage Academy has been and will be a blessing for all who pass through its halls, thanks to the hard work of the teachers, administrators and principals.